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creativeexpressive asked: What's your problem with Sofia Vegara's skit at the Emmys Ceremony?

For those who missed it, the clip can be seen here

Lots of people thought it was sexist, demeaning, and perpetuating the idea that women are there to just look pretty and twirl on a pedestal. 

After the event, Sofia was asked about it and said “I think its absolutely the opposite. It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself.” (via Entertainment Weekly)

Smart Girls, what do you think? 

theinsightoflife asked: What is your blog about?

We are the official Tumblr for Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and were founded by best friends Amy Poehler, Meredith Walker, and Amy Miles. 


From our website:

"Here at Smart Girls, we believe that the cultivation of the authentic self is very important. We also believe that guidance is helpful as we try to find our way to ourselves. We hope to be of help in the exploration and discovery process.

This is where you might learn about something you would like to experience. You might learn about a woman you’d like to emulate. You might learn a new perspective or an unfamiliar custom or a new way to talk to yourself about something.

It is our hope that you will learn more about your truest self.”

We want to celebrate your successes with you, and be there for you when life’s not going so well. We want to share the stories of Smart Girls worldwide with you, and encourage you to take risks and try something new. We want to remind you that you change the world by being yourself :)

We also like reblogging things that make us think, or things in the news, or things that make us happy, or things that make us laugh, or things that teach us something, or things with Amy Poehler in them because she’s the best!! (we may be a little biased on that last one) 

Thanks for asking and for being a part of the Smart Girls family! 


latenightmylittlepotatopancake asked: Do you ship Seth and Amy?



We love their friendship and when they work together, but respect their partners and the choices they’ve made about their personal lives. 

teddybearkennedy asked: Can you guys make an effort to ensure all of your featured people be clearly named? You reblogged something with the title "Artist Creates Beautiful Tribute Using Old Photos of Her Late Mother Alongside the Possessions She ‘Left Behind'," which I know was the article title, but it would have been nice if you had added that her name is Jennifer Loeber. We don't want our Smart Girls to be nameless.

Absolutely! Thank you for pointing this out :) 

We’ve edited the post and linked to Jennifer’s website.


We will do our best to make sure no more Smart Girls go nameless!

talkam asked: Please source nationofamanda for the "Pet all the dogs" drawing. She gets her art stolen all the time.









Heart attacks symptoms are different for women. I recently learned this. 

Everyone should know these things.

thanks to mainstream media and being unable to show breasts on TV, way too few people know about female signs of cardiac distress, and impending heart attacks. they only know about the “pain in the left arm” male symptom.

i had all these symptoms once and they sent me right to hospital
it was scary bc i didnt know these were the symptoms for female heart issues

Please, please, PLEASE, reblog this. i don’t know if I did save or called false alarm, with my boss’ life tonight. I felt I was being a bit paranoid, overreacting, but I told Mirage my thoughts and he, after reading over the article I showed him, immediately sprung into action and then shooed her off to the hospital. I don’t know if I did or not, but I knew she’d been super stressed. She’d off-handedly commented on her arm tingling and I asked her if she felt queasy on a hunch. I went to look at the symptoms and we went from there.

Yes, Please :)
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Artist Creates Beautiful Tribute Using Old Photos of Her Late Mother Alongside the Possessions She ‘Left Behind’

Smart Girl Jennifer Loeber


i literally find every iteration of this meme HILARIOUS no matter what fandom it involves

Parks and Rec + Harry Potter 

Leslie Knope would approve :)

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City of Toronto launches brilliant campaign against littering

Smart Girls don’t litter! 


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Here’s Why We Need to Protect Public Libraries

We live in a “diverse and often fractious country,” writes Robert Dawson, but there are some things that unite us—among them, our love of libraries. “A locally governed and tax-supported system that dispenses knowledge and information for everyone throughout the country at no cost to its patrons is an astonishing thing,” the photographer writes in the introduction to his book, The Public Library: A Photographic Essay. “It is a shared commons of our ambitions, our dreams, our memories, our culture, and ourselves.”

But what do these places look like? Over the course of 18 years, Dawson found out. Inspired by “the long history of photographic survey projects,” he traveled thousands of miles and photographed hundreds of public libraries in nearly all 50 states. Looking at the photos, the conclusion is unavoidable: American libraries are as diverse as Americans. They’re large and small, old and new, urban and rural, and in poor and wealthy communities. Architecturally, they represent a range of styles, from the grand main branch of the New York Public Library to the humble trailer that serves as a library in Death Valley National Park, the hottest place on Earth. “Because they’re all locally funded, libraries reflect the communities they’re in,” Dawson said in an interview. “The diversity reflects who we are as a people.”

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We love libraries!! 

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Flower doodles… 
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For her second chart today, White House economist Betsey Stevenson breaks down how women now make up the majority of college students. Follow along → I Love Charts.

Next up, let’s talk about college: Women now make up the majority of college and graduate students. Nice work!
Since the mid-1990s:
A greater share of young women have obtained four-year college degrees than men.
The share of young women enrolled in both undergraduate and graduate study has increased.
Most 18 to 34 year-old students are enrolled in undergraduate programs, and the percent enrolled in graduate school has gone way up.
Today, the share of young women enrolled in graduate school is more than 25% higher than the share of men. Learn more about how President Obama’s fighting to make college more affordable for women (and men).